Refined and elegant

A timeless classic that seduces with the preciousness of its details enclosed in the purity of the forms.
For you, a fresh, transparent, naturally irresistible scent.

Your perfume in a practical and discreet format... to always carry it with you.

Your GianMarco Venturi Aqua perfume in the most iconic, elegant and convenient format!

Hair Body Shampoo, ideal for the daily treatment, enriched with the unique fragrance GianMarco Venturi Aqua.

Deodorant Spray, give a pleasant and long lasting sensation of freshness, enhanced by the unique fragrance GianMarco Venturi Aqua.

A unique style since 1980

Undisputed fashion brand since the 80s, it is linked to the name of the Florentine designer who decreed its success through his jeans line and accessories.